Parkour Car: An Autonomous car Platform

I did lots of hardware designs during my PhD but Parkour Car has been the running platform which I was continiously updating.

Features of Parkour Car

  • Intel core i7 (4core) pc with NVidia graphics on board

  • Dual sterio cameras (2MP each)

  • 1024 ppr custom designed optical encoders in each wheel

  • All wheel drive

  • Front and back wheel steering

  • 9 Dof IMU

  • Custom ECU board to interface computer with hardware

  • Custom software driver for communicating with the robot over USB

  • BLDC motor with FoC

  • BLDC auto thermal shutdown for safe operation

  • Wifi communication with external computers (mostly for Vicon feedback)

All Designs are in numerous repositories under ARPG Lab’s Github

Here are some videos of the robot